Posted: March 16th, 2015

The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights (Tom Reagan) Naturalizing Values (Holmes Rolston)

Approach may by analytical, historical, persuasive, or presenting a view and arguing for it (with supporting evidence). Thesis should be clearly stated in the first paragraph of the paper. Use of sources (paper and online) needs proper documentation.
ESSENTIAL: Application of an ethical principal is required.
Must use a specific essay discussed in class as a source of this principle:
Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments (Thomas E Hill Jr.)
The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights (Tom Reagan) Naturalizing Values (Holmes Rolston)
The Shallow and Deep Long-Range Ecological Movement (Arne Naess) A Critique of Anti-Anthropocentric Ethics (Richard Watson) <<< One I would most likely use. Talk about how man’s evolutionary potential shouldn’t be limited – if humans are destined to destroy each other and other organisms then so be it. They have a “right” to pursue their evolutionary potential just like every other organism. There are a few other essay’s we discussed in class, but these 5 are the most potentially relevant to the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. As you may have picked up, this is an environmental ethics class, so be sure to focus a bit more on the environmental aspects/impacts of the disaster. As mentioned above, you have a lot of liberty in terms of how you want to approach this term-paper……..

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