Posted: April 3rd, 2015

Character analysis

Character analysis

Order Description

Introduction – familiarize readers with Welty’s book

Title and author – what the overall idea in the book is brief summary of the book; introduction to the character being analysis.

Thesis – three trails to be analysied (or an overall statement that will reveal the three traits to be analysied)

Body – analysis of traits
Topic sentence – indicates the traits to be analysis introductory comments indicate.
What is happening in the story at the spot of selected evidence (where the selected character speaks or acts or where another character relates to the analysed character)
Evidence itself from Welty prove the trait – the character is indeed who you say he/she is at time, use a quotation <document the evidence with an in-next citation –(49)>. Use more than one piece of evidence for each trait.

Concluding statement(s) – which indicates what the evidence means and how it works to illustrate the personality of the character.

Conclusion for the analysis
What is the significance of the character? What contribution dose he/she make to the book? What do we learn from the character’s life?

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