Posted: August 8th, 2015

Chapter 9- Power and negotiations

Chapter 9- Power and negotiations

Case study analyses only in CHAPTER 9
1. Diagnosis: identify the organizational weaknesses within the relevant area in the school/ school system using the appropriate prompts.
Chapter 9 power and negotiations
• Who has power in the organization?
• From what sources does the power emanate?
• Is power appropriately shared?
• What type of negatiaons occur in the school district or educational institution?
• Do the negotiations tend to be distributive or integrative?
• What degree of preparation takes place?
• Is the contract language understood by the administrators?
• Is provision made for the proper administration of the contract?

Prescription: suggest interventions to resolve all the organizational weaknesses identified in the diagnosis.
2. See the sample of the paper in PDF I will uploaded. Do not copy from the sample.
3. YOU have to use the only book pdf I will uploaded DO NOT UES ANTHER BOOK)
In book Educational Administration: Leading with Mind and Heart By Robert H. Palestini

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