Posted: November 16th, 2015

Cereal Stuff

Cereal Stuff

You are the leader of a medium size organic cereal company known as Cereal Stuff . The vision statement is: To provide the world with cereals and good stuff that it can make. You want to expand your business to the Canadian and Mexican markets and develop a new related product containing quinoa that some of your customers have wanted you to make. You have decided to take on a new vice president to spearhead the expansion. Your business is set up horizontally with each department in charge of their decision making. The department heads are all vice presidents and they form a team that works with you to lead the company business efforts and to keep the business moving forward. The departments include: production, quality control and product development, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales. The new vice president will be head of the new marketing division. The business has a culture that is best described as an adhocracy. You are hoping to move toward a more democratic culture. The business values include

only using quality organic foods,the customer needs first,sustainability in production processes and packaging.

Required Elements of Project Two:

1. Create the interview questions that you will use to evaluate the candidates.

2. You will not only create the questions but will also explain the answers that you are looking for the questions. Remember, it is important to get a good fit for your business.

3. In creating the questions consider the 21st business landscape, the role of the leader, leadership styles, the need to bring trust to the corporation and globalization.

4. Substantiate all your questions and answers with references. You should use at least four sources from the class material and four additional sources.


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