Posted: November 10th, 2015



The Great Bank Heist a. Review the case fact pattern. b. Develop a list of all

crimes Louie and Billy could be charged with. c. Do you believe Wanda could be

charged with a crime? If so, what crime? Justify your response. d. Do you believe

the bank guard could be charged with a crime? If so, what crime? Justify your

response. e. Do you believe Smokey can be charged with a crime? If so, what crime?

Justify your response. f. Identify a potential defense for Louie and Billy.


Louie, Billy, and Vinnie are all unemployed and broke. Louie dates Wanda, who works

as a teller at People’s Choice Financial, a local bank. In order to improve their

financial situation, Louie, Billy, and Vinnie decide to rob the bank. They need to

procure some items to facilitate the crime, and they need to enlist the assistance

of Wanda, Louie’s girlfriend. The three decide that they need to steal two cars,

one for a getaway car and the other as a switch car. They also need guns, masks,

and a place to launder the money they steal from the bank. Billy knows someone who

deals in controlled substances, Smokey, and he agrees to launder the money for a 3%

fee. Vinnie is assigned the task of obtaining two cars to use in the robbery. He

steals both cars from the police impound lot. He later parks one of the cars in a

shopping mall parking lot to be used as a switch car. Louie knows Smith, a gun

collector whose collection is stored in a locker at his residence. Louie breaks a

window at Smith’s house, enters, breaks into the gun locker, and steals several

handguns and automatic weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun. Without telling her

why, Louie, Billy, and Vinnie talk to Wanda about the inside layout of People’s

Choice, the amount of cash in the bank, bank security, and the bank’s hours of

operation. The morning of the bank robbery, Billy pays an unexpected visit to his

estranged wife, Glamorous Gloria. They have had a tumultuous relationship for

months, and Billy wants to have a clean break. He shoots Glamorous Gloria once in

the heart, killing her instantly. Louie, Billy, and Vinnie meet and drive together

to the bank. Billy waits in the car as the getaway driver while Louie and Vinnie go

inside to rob the bank. Wanda, not known for her attention to detail, forgot to

mention the armed bank guard. When Louie and Vinnie announce the robbery, the bank

guard draws his gun. The shooting starts, and one of the tellers is shot and

killed. Shooting continues and next Vinnie is shot and killed. Louie grabs a bag of

money and runs from the bank just as the police arrive. The shooting continues as

Louie jumps into the getaway car, and the bank guard emerges, shooting and killing

one of the police officers. LE1430: Project—Case Fact Pattern Page 2 In the

confusion, Billy and Louie speed away from the bank. Two blocks down the street,

they hit and kill a pedestrian crossing the street. The two drive about five miles,

abandon the car, and flee on foot. They are able to make it to Smokey’s house.

Smokey, shocked after hearing the terrible turn of events that took place, does not

notify law enforcement. The police are able to obtain the signal being emitted by a

tracking device in the bag of stolen bank money. The police surround Smokey’s house

and, when Billy and Louie are asleep, break in and capture them. Billy and Louie

are both advised of their rights and taken into custody.


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