Posted: August 4th, 2015

Case Study Veja: Sneakers with a conscience

Case Study
Veja: Sneakers with a conscience, pp. 261 – 276.

What is your reaction to the Veja story? What advice would you have for Kopp and Morillion?

When you analyze the case be sure to apply the case study article, I uploaded for reference.

Rowe, G., & Guerrero, L. (2013). Cases in leadership (3rd ed.).Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage.
Find case study here,+pp.+261+-+276.&source=bl&ots=Db-qFnEzsN&sig=t6hi2ILNXfBAgf73uUknxn0lFBg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB4Q6AEwAGoVChMIvsj73Y-QxwIVAZQNCh3dDwTO#v=onepage&q=Veja%3A%20Sneakers%20with%20a%20conscience%2C%20pp.%20261%20-%20276.&f=false

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