Posted: September 24th, 2015

Case study Human service and the law

An “admired” southern suburbs teacher who “authored his downfall” by persistently abusing an underage girl bad been jailed for at least seven years.

Andrew Kind, 51, had pleaded guilty to the persistent sexual exploitation of a child at intermittent periods between October 2010, when she was 14 years old, and March 2013.

In sentencing yesterday, District Court judge Paul Rice said the girl was “ young, immature and emotionally fragile” when Kind began an illegal relationship with her.

“.. Your actions were criminal, corrupting and involved a gross breach of trust,” he said.

“ Yours was a duty to nurture and protect her – not abuse her for your own sexual gratification.”

Judge Rice said Kind, who is a father, was remorseful for his actions but the sentence must send a strong deterrent to others who consider preying on children.

The judge sentenced him to 10 years’ jail with non-parole period of seven years.
Assessment 1

Describe of the court setting:who is participating, where the participants are placed, whether the defendant is represented by a solicitor, how the formality of the court is conveyed.
Case synopsis; a report of a case proceeding that you observed in one of the above Courts (confidentiality must be observed).
Identify  and describe  the legislation that was applied
Describe  the court ruling and it’s purpose
Social work role; The potential social work role, knowledge and skills required to work in this case
Social justice and ethical issues;

Discuss addressing issues of social justice and ethical issues

A minimum of 8 references


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