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Case Study Critical Analysis

Case Study Critical Analysis

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Case study Critical Analysis

You are to critically analyse and write a report the St Elsewhere Case Study.

Assignment Three

Case study Critical Analysis (Individual, 2000 words, total value 40%, Due week 12).
You are to critically analyse and write a report the St Elsewhere Case Study.

This unit case study requires you to diagnose what the problems or issues are in the case, and why they have occurred; to consider a variety of possible solutions; and finally to justify what they believe to be the best solution.

Steps in Analysing Case Studies
The steps in analysing a case study are displayed on the table below:
Table One: Steps in Analysing Case Studies
Gain an Overview
Step One
•Read the case study to gain a understanding of the major issues and areas.
•This will assist you in undersyanding what is happening and what needs to be done.

Establish the Main Areas
Step Two
•What has happenned
•The Who, What, Where, When
•Review theories, clinical knowledge, management or leadership theories

Determine the Causes
Step Three
•Genreate a list of possible causes
•Identify the facts of the case and how they relate to the identified casuses

Develp Possible Soulutions
Step Four
•Having considered what happened and why, you should now develop a number of possible solutions to the problem or problems.

Evaluate the Solutions
Step Five
•You should then more thoroughly consider each possible solution, detailing exactly what would need to be done to implement it
Formualte Recommnedations
Step Six
•Finally, you should now be in a position to recommend exactly what should be done in respect to the problem or problems identified.

The above steps provides you with a guide on how to analysis a Case Study. Please also review the iLecture on Case Studies. Like any there are common areas were Errors can occur. The following are some of the major areas, however, the biggest one is leaving the assignment until the last minute.
1. Not understanding the facts of the case.


3 | P a g e
This can be best overcome by reading and reading the case several times before writing the report.
2. Not providing detail information by not explaining the actual problem and why they have occurred.

As you identify the problems you should explain that issue and then state why it has occurred i.e. High staff in this case is related to ……
3. Making wrong or misleading assumptions about the case

As you identify the problems and issues make sure they are in the case study material and they are not or own assumptions that cannot be supported by the facts.
4. Generalizing to much

Check with each of the issues that you have raised and locate them in the case study.
5. Relying too much on past experience and knowledge

Search the literature and resource material to ensure they align or support your experience and knowledge and make sure they relate to the case.
6. Not solving the problems

Re read and make sure you have identified the issues and problems.
7. Suggesting only theoretical solutions a. Suggestion
b. Make sure the theoretical solutions can be implemented into practice and the resources are available or requested.

Case Study Assignment
The Case Study is worth 40% of the overall mark. The case study assignment will be mark based on its ability to generate a scholarly and well developed problem solving approach
Beginning 1
Developing 2
Accomplished 3
Exemplary 4
Incomplete -0
Identification of key issues
Limited issues identified
Some issues identified and clearly stated
Most key issues identified and clearly stated
All key issues identified and clearly stated
Analysis of the situation
Corrective actions
Financial management
Limited analysis of the situation
Limited corrective actions
Limited financial management
Some analysis of the situation
Some corrective actions
Some financial management
Analysis of the situation
Some corrective actions
Some financial management
In-depth analysis
In-depth corrective actions
In-depth financial management plan
Development of an implementation plan
Limited implementation plan
Implementation plan developing
Implementation developed
Well-developed implementation plan
Benchmarks to measure success
Limited benchmarks identified
Some benchmarks identified
Most benchmarks identified
All benchmarks identified
Limited conclusion
Conclusion developing
Conclusion developed
Comprehensive conclusion
X 2 =
General Comment Mark
Case Study Assignment Assessment

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