Posted: June 8th, 2015

Case Study 3 – Scheduling ( Discussion questions)

Case Study 3 – Scheduling ( Discussion questions)

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Find the below 7 questions our course book is project management in practice by mantel meredith shafer and sutton (4th edition) please use it as one of the references attached PPC Workbook for the course the the questions is for discussion as the following:
1-Describe any experience of developing a schedule
2-Compare forward scheduling with backward (reverse) scheduling
3-Chinese practice of scheduling for key projects
4-The estimation of activity durations in forward scheduling and in backward scheduling
5- The estimation of activity durations from a client’s viewpoint and from a contractor’s viewpoint
6- Discuss “a non-critical path is also important when a project is performed under a rapidly changing environment”.
7-Make some comments on “more complex a project is, more important scheduling for this project is”.

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