Posted: May 15th, 2015

Case study

Case study

Congratulations!!  Yesterday was your first day as the new officer in charge of network security for the city of New Haven’s police department. The New Haven PD  employees 443 sworn officers as well a civilian staff which assists with administrative duties.
This morning, you came into work and found out that you have a meeting in two hours with Chief Esserman.  The chief is very anxious to redevelop the current computer network that his force is using and is anxiously awaiting your ideas.
Since your only have two hours, you will need to work quickly to put your ideas together.

First, develop a rough outline of the areas you will be addressing in the meeting.  You should address not only the technical aspects of your security plan, put policies for usage as well.
Do not skip the outline step as this will be part of your final grade.
After creating the rough outline, spend the remaining time expanding on each of the points you want to make to the chief during your meeting.  You will want to have a sentence or two for each topic you will discuss in your meeting, but you may not have adequate time to fully cover all the thing you want to present to the chief, so use your time wisely.

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