Posted: January 31st, 2017

Case Study 1: Angelica

Case Study 1: Angelica

Age: 9 months old

Location: Early Childhood Care Center

Document #1: Weekly Observations

Read this month’s worth of weekly observation reports by Angelica’s primary caregiver at her early childhood care center:

September 6:

This week, Angelica has continued to cry at periods throughout the day. It often happens when she is tired before a nap. I have noticed that she is using other expressions to ask for things, like pointing. She is smiling often, grabbing at objects, and putting objects in her mouth. She is holding a spoon and helping to feed herself.


September 13:

Angelica’s crying was less frequent this week. She is responding to sound and speech from caregivers, and is beginning to make sounds that sound like speech. She also responds and seems to understand when spoken to in both English and Spanish. I have also noticed that she is more and more interested in other children lately.


September 20:

Angelica continues to show interest in communicating with other children. The other day, I was reading Angelica a book in the corner, and I showed the book to a group of 2-year-olds at a nearby table. When one of them wanted to look at it, she got upset and cried. She is showing signs of wanting to be more independent and likes to explore the space around her by crawling and walking while holding onto the wall or shelves. She wants to touch and hold everything.


September 27:

Angelica has become very good at feeding herself and often refuses assistance. There were 2 days this week that she did not nap well. On those days, she tended to cry more and did not respond well to speech from adults. I have noticed a great fluctuation in her need for attention from adults and her willingness to explore on her own. Yesterday, she spent the morning playing with toy objects with another child, and seemed to be making speech sounds. After an unsuccessful nap, however, she was very fussy for the rest of the afternoon and unresponsive to our attempts to use speech and sounds to calm her. She relaxed only when she had a toy that she could touch or put in her mouth.


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