Posted: October 5th, 2016

a case brief on the case of United States v Sokolow

a case brief on the case of United States v Sokolow . You’ll need to research the case first. I dont need a reference page so it all should fit on one page I need it set up in the format as fallows. Caption: This is the name and citation of the case, e.g., Smith v. State, 123 N.E.2d 245 (Ind. 1950). Court: Report which court is deciding the case. Facts: List the important facts which give rise to the case. Statute/Rule: Report the content of any statute or any specific rule of evidence which is important to the decision of the case. Be sure to include the citation. Issue(s): State the question of law which the court is being asked to decide. Procedure: Explain the steps which the case has gone through to get to the present court. Decision: Report exactly the ruling of the court. Rationale: Report the reasons which the court gave for its decision. Dissent: Explain the reasoning of the dissenting opinion.

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