Posted: April 7th, 2015

Carnegie Museum term paper

Carnegie Museum term paper

1. Topic must reference a work of art at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  You may explore a common theme in art, explore art of a particular time period, or focus on works by a specific artist. Which is (Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus) done by: Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret (FRENCH, 1852–1929)
1896-1897. The picture will be uploaded to the additional material.

Ex. Creative Landscape, How the Impressionists Transformed Painting
(Exploring the work of Claude Monet and Pierre-Aguste

Ex. Minimalist Art – Why Would an Artist Exhibit a Blank Canvas?
Wade Guyton and Robert Ryman.

Ex. Exploring Iconography.  Finding Meaning in The Symbols of Renaissance Art.
(There is a small room of early Renaissance /
Christian art).

2.  Topic must explore an issue or subject in a critical way.

3. Paper must have a thesis, a theory or idea that you are exploring or analyzing.

4. Format?-At least 6 -pages, five of which must be straight text (notes / bibliography may begin on 6th page).?- Images must appear after 6th page.?-Citing sources is important.  Bibliography or works cited should be the last section.?-Double space.  1.25 inch side margins.  1” top and bottom margins. Times New Roman font.?-Number pages.  Only print on front side.?-Include title, your name and date of completion.

5. Sources? – You must use at least three sources.
– Printed Carnegie Museum of Art materials and the Carnegie Museum of Art website may be referenced.
-You must use at least one book as a source.?
– You may use articles in periodicals and newspapers, as well as films and documentaries as sources.
* You may also interview an expert as a source as long as you list a name and the date of the interview.


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