Posted: January 3rd, 2016

Capturing Italian style in Fashion

tudents are to select a brand, product, or designer that they feel really captures the essence of the Italian contribution to fashion. This could be the work of a particular fashion, fashion accessory or lifestyle product designer, fashion as featured in a film or publication or other cultural link. You should detail through images and text how and why you think your selection provides a really strong link to Italy as a luxury fashion and lifestyle producer.

The use of theories, concepts and tools must be clearly referenced using Harvard style conventions outlined in this syllabus document.

Candidates are required to use the theories concepts and tools introduced within formal lectures to demonstrate their understanding of ‘Made In Italy’: 100 years of Italian Fashion. Also, the function of the supply chain in the manufacture of luxury Italian fashion and lifestyle products. There should be a consideration of the market and detail as to how the customers’ needs and aspirations are met by the products, manufacturing techniques or the visual messaging of the brand.

Candidates should prepare a report that discusses this evaluation and may include appendices if necessary, which will be outside of the word count.

It is estimated that candidates will make reference to at least ten sources of literature to demonstrate the breadth of their research.

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