Posted: February 27th, 2017

Candidates must select appropriate models to demonstrate knowledge and application

Please note that the required citation style is Harvard not MLA. Guidance The answer to this task should consist of approximately 3,000 words and should be supported by a title, your candidate number, contents page, executive summary, references and a bibliography. Any source materials such as web sites, reports, articles, market data, journals or texts should be referred to in your work. (Harvard referencing). Assignment Guidance Cover Page: The cover page must contain assignment number, candidate number and word count. Layout and presentation is down to the individual but a suggestion might be their company logo. Executive Summary: The idea of an executive summary is to prepare the reader in advance of reading a lengthy document what to expect and briefly summarises the content and conclusions/ recommendations. This is good academic and business practice and is recommended for assignments as well as projects. Try to keep this to one page if possible. Contents Page: The contents page helps the reader to navigate around the document and highlights important sections and sub­ sections, this also helps candidates to ensure their work is structured and flows in a logical order. Assignment Tasks: Presentation is down to the individual but CIPS recommend one and a half/double line spacing to aid the assessment process and not to use a font that is too small, 12 is usually the recommended font size. CIPS recommend a short introduction to each task to set the scene. Please do not repeat the question as this uses up valuable word count and is not necessary, CIPS know what tasks have been set. A definition is always useful if there is one available from a good source. Assignments should have a good balance of text and models/graphics. The assignment should contain a brief description of the model and then significant discussion on how it was used and what information was generated from it â meaning it must be applied. Candidates must not give back models, tools etc., in the same form CIPS gave them, they must populate with appropriate data to evidence findings in any analysis. Reference to a model without using it gains no marks. Candidates must select appropriate models to demonstrate knowledge and application. Narrative about the models should be integrated â reports which simply skip from one model to the next without linking them in some way or consolidating them in conclusions does not work. Appendices For documents that are available in the public domain then CIPS suggest candidates reference them rather than attach huge amounts of text. Where information is considered important in supporting content but is not a recognised model/tool or technique, this may be better placed in the appendices. Word Count Usually assignments are in the region of 3,000 words except in the case of integrative assignments which are 5,000 words. There is a 500 word limit over and above the word count set, and although it is very unlikely that candidates may lose marks if slightly over, they should keep within the limits or they could risk losing some marks. Where marks are deducted for excessive use of word count, then candidates will be advised of the percentage deducted in the feedback. What is not included in the word count: Front page, executive summary, contents page, models, tables and diagrams, reference list, bibliography and appendices. Plagiarism Plagiarism is submitting someone elseâs work as your own when you are not the author. You must take care when writing your assignment that the work you submit is your own. You are permitted to reproduce short extracts, diagrams, tables and illustrations from other publications but these must be clearly referenced and the source acknowledged.

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