Posted: August 9th, 2016

.Can delinquent behavior be deterred?

Answer each question from juvenile criminology :
1. At what age are juveniles truly capable of understanding the seriousness of their actions ?
2.Is it fair to institutionalize a minor simply for being truant or running away from home? Should the jurisdiction of status offenders be removed from juvenile court and placed with Social Services?
3.Can a get tough policy help control juvenile misbehavior or should parens patriae remain the standard?
4.Are all delinquent acts psychologically abnormal? Can there be normal crimes ?
5.How would you apply psychodynamic theory to delinquent acts such as shoplifting and breaking and entering a house ?
6.Can delinquent behavior be deterred by the threat of punishment?If not,haw can it be controlled?
7.Discuss the characteristics of psychopaths. Do you know anyone who fits the description?
Answer each question paragraph

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