Posted: September 18th, 2015

Business to business report

Using a Business to business (B2B) organization of your choice:

1a. Briefly provide some background information to the organization. Then provide an overview of the products/services/raw ingredients that your firm acquires from the ‘upstream’ business suppliers as well as provides the ‘downstream’ business customer.
(Report CRITICALLY SYNTHESIZE THE B-2-B Co.; product(s) & upstream and /downstream customers)

1b. From the perspective of your focal firm, classify these products and services according to the particular buying situation – e.g., ‘straight rebuy’, ‘modified rebuy’ and ‘new task’.
(EXCEPTIONAL SYNTHESIS AND APPLICATION made on the buying situations)

2. Draw a diagram of the network surrounding the company or organization. The diagram should include your focal firm, key suppliers, key customers and competitors. Within business networks there are flows of information between parties as well as the supply of physical products and services.
Ensure that you discuss the key flows of information, products and services between your focal firm and suppliers and customers.
(Excellent use of a diagram (colour scheme, drawing, neatness) and clear discussion on the diagram)

3. Choose one ‘upstream’ supplier and one ‘downstream’ business customer and suggest a range of relationship management strategies the organization might employ to improve their relationships with that supplier and customer.
(Excellent suggestion of the range of relationship management . strategies to improve the proposed B-2-B firm’s upstream and/ downstream customers. Ability to apply and relate various theoretical ideas and frameworks to the analysis)


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