Posted: April 6th, 2015

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

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2.1 – Analyse the strategic positioning of a Dubal Aluminium Company in the UAE by carrying out an organisational audit
Please find a Dubal Aluminium Company
Produce a report to show:

How the business environment is considered in strategy formulation
Guideline to achieve a pass on criteria 2.1
• State the organisations mission & objectives for the planning period
• Complete SWOT and value chain analysis
• Identify the organisation’s product line and product positions using BCG matrix. Discuss the organisations core competencies , critical success factors and limiting factors
Report introduction must include brief information on your chosen organisation

2.2 – Carry out an environmental audit for the organisation
Guideline to achieve a pass on criteria 2.2
To complete this criterion you are required to review various external environmental factors which could pose challenges for the organisations. You need to complete:
• A detailed PESTEL analysis
• An analysis of the competitors using Porters 5 Forces theory.

2.3- Assess the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating a new strategy
Guideline to achieve a pass on criteria 2.3
Stakeholder analysis is important for the development of an organisation. To understand and explain the importance of stakeholder’s analysis in strategy planning, you have to complete the following points:
• Identify and list at least 5 stakeholders for your organisation
• Complete a stakeholders map explaining relationships and patterns of interdependence between stakeholders
• State the interest of each stakeholder
• Explain the role and importance of stakeholder analysis in strategy formulation

2.4 – Present a new strategy for a given organisation
Guideline to achieve a pass on criteria 2.4
Based on your previous analysis prepare a strategic plan for your organisation.
Plan could be made in one of the following fields:
? Marketing and sales
? Design
? Production
? Quality
? Services.

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