Posted: November 2nd, 2015

Business management

Business management

Assignment Part 1: Analyze the data you saved in the Excel file. Write your report about the situation and

explain the results, including the levels of order backlogs and EBBD inventory. Also explain your ordering

strategy and logic.

Assignment Part 2: After you have completed your report to Management at EBBD, you need to add a section to

articulate your learning and knowledge gained. You should identify the causes of the Bull-whip Effect.

Discuss your results and how they compare with the historical Bull Whip affect. Compare your graph of your

decisions to the graph of the historical bull whip. Explain your strategy and how you determined it. Explain

why your results are the same or different from the historical bull whip results. Were you able to avoid the

Bull-whip Effect? Why or Why not?
Upload the Report and the Excel file with the data and graph to the Case 1 Dropbox.
Assignment Expectations
The report should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth; be sure to use Headings to label

both parts, as Part 1 and Part 2.
Part 1: Report to your boss, Danny Wilco (be sure to write this part as a report addressed to Mr. Wilco).
•    Background: elucidate the current situation and context – tell about the campaign and what it was

supposed to do and why you were assigned.
•    Strategy: articulate the details of your strategy for ordering and avoiding the bull whip effect;

explain how you developed your strategy, e.g. why you are ordering the specific amounts. What is the logic?
•    Results: explain your results.
o    What happened in terms of the Customer Order Backlog, EBBD order backlog, and EBBD inventory levels?
o    What was your ordering pattern as shown in the Excel file
o    Show data in the form of graphs and tables.
o    Provide clear references to the data.
•    Conclusions: explain your conclusions to your boss about the success of the campaign at EBBD.
Part 2: Explain what you learned about the Bull-whip Effect (write this part to your professor.)
•    What are the causes of the Bull-whip Effect?
•    Comparison to historical bull whip:
o    Include bull whip graphs.
o    Articulate the analysis of the difference between your performance and the historical performance.
o    Elucidate how your ordering strategy caused your ordering performance in comparison to the historical
o    Did you avoid the bull-whip? Why or why not?


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