Posted: August 14th, 2015

Business Failure Case Study

Business Failure Case Study

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Businesses come and go. Sometimes they last for decades, sometimes only for a year or two. This Final Project: Business Failure Case Study is an opportunity for you to explore with a critical eye the management functions in action of a company that has recently, or is about to close its doors. Often it is possible to learn just as much from a company’s failure as it is from success. First explore the following website for a company that you recognize and that you might be interested in learning more about Next, use your favorite search engine to see if you can find significant management information about the company (some companies are too obscure, or private, to have much information online.)
Directions: For your final project, Title the project the name of your company and why you think it failed in less than ten (10) words. Then write a report that addresses the following items as they pertain to the company you have chosen:
• Briefly introduce the company your have chosen and its product. Include the company’s current status and why it is or is about to fail.
• What were the elements of your company’s strategic management process?
• Did your company use its human resources to gain a competitive advantage?
• Did your company have, or cultivate diversity in its employees?
• How did your company act ethically or unethically?
• What aspects of your company were global in nature. Were these elements successful?
• If you were part of management, what changes would you have suggested to your company might need improvement in the employee recruitment and selection process?
• Would this be a company you would have wanted to work for? Why or why not?
Leave the questions as headings in your document with your answers below each question.
Each answer should be several paragraphs long, well developed and properly written in APA format. Not including title and bibliography pages, the complete document should be at least three (3) pages (900 words). Ensure you include at least three (5) resources to back up your statements, and that you cite them in-text, and you provide a bibliography. Also include in introduction and conclusion for your paper, as well as retain the questions as headings above each of your answers.

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