Posted: March 21st, 2016

Business Development in a Multinational Company and Analysis of Business Risk: India

Country to Analyse : INDIA

You have been selected as a ‘Business Development Executive’ of a Multinational Company established in India. Your CEO is strongly interested in expanding its current manufacturing and sales (both domestic and export) activity to new markets. However several directors have raised concerns over the extent to which your firm would be exposed to business risk in certain countries, and requested a broad analysis of risk for those countries.

The analysis is to consider key aspects of the international business environment including but not necessarily limited to issues such as economic prospects, culture, legal systems, ethical practices, investment environment and stability. At the initial stage, you may not be certain about a particular industry which might be considered as important, but may emerge as a result of your study.

You are required to prepare a country report to provide the company with important information for making a decision. Support your evaluations and recommendations with reference to your subject knowledge, real life examples, and other relevant and reliable sources.

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