Posted: August 28th, 2016

Briefly describe the common themes

At least two minorities groups in california.Write a statement of purpose for your research project on minority cultures living in your state.locate and gather sources of information from the library, the Internet, interlibrary loan, or from organizations that directly represent the cultures you wish to study.1. Secondary sources: Locate at least two non Internet sources on each culture (four sources total). Seek various types of sources (e.g., textbook, library monograph, brochure, etc.). Do not include encyclopedias as part of the four required sources.
Primary sources: Locate at least three sources for each culture (six sources total). Seek various types of materials (e.g., pictures, documents from authoritative bodies, poetry from members of that culture, etc.).
Include at least one primary source for either culture from the Internet.
Include at least one primary source for either culture from an official government or public policy source (e.g., U.S. Supreme Court or U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division), which are available on the Internet at sites indicated by *.gov rather than *.com or *.edu.
Create a concept map or an outline for each culture (two maps or outlines total) and upload them with your research paper. Each concept map or outline should represent at least three common themes, concepts, and ideas (e.g., beliefs, foods, arts and entertainment, educational aspirations, political tendencies, traditions, family life, holidays, languages spoken).Write an introduction.
Place your statement of purpose at the beginning of your introduction.
Identify the cultures you researched.
Briefly describe the common themes, concepts, and ideas of each culture you will address.
Write a results section to describe each culture
Present the information you found on each culture.
Write a discussion and conclusions section.

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