Posted: February 4th, 2016

Brand image and personality

  1. Brand image and personality
  2. Brand’s unique sales propositioN
  3. Section B

    Imagine YOU were a brand, and answer the following questions:

    Slide 1

  1. What’s your brand name?
  2. Why did you choose this brand name? What’s the rationale? (max 15-20 words)
  3. Describe/explain and introduce your brand. (25-30 words)

    Slide 2

  4. Write a short story about your brand and who you are (50-60 words). Use simple images to represent every stage of your story (Emoticons or Icons are welcome)

    Slide 3

  5. What is your target market?
  6. Why do you think you are attractive to them? (max 25 words)
  7. What is unique about your brand? In other words, what is your unique sales proposition (USP)?
  8. What makes your brand stand out from the rest in the category/industry?

    Slide 4

  9. What represents you and what’s your consumer facing personality? (i.e athletic, goal driven, etc.)
  10. Does your brand evokes/triggers any feelings? (if so, enumerate at least 5)
  11. Include a mood-board that represents this personality (minimum 3 images in it). Include a short ‘romance copy’ that describes you/the moment.

    Slide 5

  12. Please show an ad designed for your brand. Ad must include a call to action. Remember to focus on your brand’s personality and the need to communicate your message acros


  1. Describe why you believe the ad is effective for its intended target market (max 25 words)

    Slide 6

  2. List at least 3 competitive products or services (top 3) that you may know about and enumerate at least 3 cons and 3 pros between your brand and each one of these brands

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