Posted: September 1st, 2015

Book Review:The Enemy of Nature: The end of capitalism or the end of the world?

Kovel, J. (2007) The Enemy of Nature: The end of capitalism or the end of the world? London: Zed.

(i) Identify and describe the book’s topic
(ii) Summarise its contents, enlisting the most important ideas and discussion points in a logical, coherent, structured way

Assessment criteria:
-Correct identification of topic and main points in your book
-Comprehension of the book’s content and the overall quality of your writing.

This assignment needs to have a reference section or bibliography at the end. You will need to reference all materials that you have consulted or cited. This is probably only going to be the book you have read for the assignment, but might include other books on the environment, texts on referencing, websites, radio programs or anything else you have consulted and used in the preparation of this assignment.

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