Posted: February 16th, 2017

Does BMI vary significantly between boys and girls?

The Excel workbook thus consists of one worksheet, with 1576 rows (the first row contains headers, and the next 1575 rows are observed values for the participants), and 11 columns of variables. The columns in the Excel file are the following: SEQN the respondent sequence number (index for all the files) RIAGENDR gender of the participant, 1 = male, 2 = female RIDRETH1 race/Hispanic origin: 1 = Mexican American 2 = other Hispanic 3 = non-Hispanic white 4 = non-Hispanic black 5 = other RIDEXAGY age in years at time of physical exam INDHHIN2 annual household income, categorized INDFMIN2 annual family income, categorized INDFMPIR ratio of family income to poverty, 0 to 5 BMXWT weight, in kg BMXHT height, in cm BMXBMI body mass index (kg/m^2) BMDBMIC BMI category: 1 = underweight 2 = normal weight 3 = overweight 4 = obese . = missing For purposes of this discussion, you are asked to answer the three following questions: 1. Does BMI vary significantly between boys and girls? 2. Does BMI vary significantly among the racial/ethnic groups? 3. Is there any trend to BMI with age? Show work or graph

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