Posted: January 25th, 2017

what are the benefits of recycling waste materials? – What impact does waste recycling have on the environment?

ee the Capstone Guidelines for formatting of the title page II. Introduction: a. Brief overview of the problem and the purpose or need for the study. III. Research Problem a. Statement of the problem being addressed in the research. b. Statement of 5 research questions relevant to the research problem. IV. Literature Review: a. The purpose of the Literature Review is to summarize the existing body of knowledge relevant to the research topic. b. Brief literature overview i. The literature review should present a summary of key works in professional literature relating to the research topic. This is to include thirty or more items which are summarized, properly cited, and presented in a separate list of references. ii. It is generally preferred that these items be presented in chronological order so that the chronology of key works relating to the topic are presented in order to see the evolution of the issue and/or the development of the need for further work on the research topic. iii. The literature review is to be written in a manner consistent with professional refereed journals and not merely an annotated bibliography. V. Hypothesis a. Hypothesis statement. b. Discussion of what data would be needed to test the hypothesis and how that hypothesis would be tested. NOTE: The following document was used as a guide in the preparation of this assignment. Manning, Terri, Bob Algozzine, and Richard Antonak(2003), Guide for Preparing A Thesis or Dissertation, PNG Publications, Morgantown, WV. this is my topic: 1. Make a brief statement of a research idea of your choice related to environment, safety and health management and provide the reason for your interest in that research idea. (10 Points) I have been in Oregon state for six months. The Oregon law says the groceries must offer paper bags instead plastic bags to save green living over there. I have noticed that the government and people in USA are interested to recycle wastes for use and preservation of the environment. Unlike in my country that suffers from the pollution of environment in some areas due to the lack of waste recycling. In fact, I have an experience of produce an environmentally friendly artificial wood for structural application by recycling mixed plastic waste and date palm leaves waste. I would like to encourage my home country people to thinking about how to benefits from the waste. 2. Develop 3 research questions that relate to your research idea. (10 Points) – what are the benefits of recycling waste materials? – What impact does waste recycling have on the environment? – How to transfer recycling experiences from USA to Saudi Arabia?

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