Posted: April 19th, 2016

Why do you believe it’s the most effective way to present your topic to your audience?

Review “Writing Assertions” on page 115 in your textbook. Then follow the guidelines on pages 126–127 in your textbook to write an effective thesis statement based on one of the topics you listed previously. Reflect: Explain the position you’ve taken in your thesis statement and identify the items from your brainstorming list or categories that you believe will best support your position. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences)

Entry4: Organizing and Drafting Using your thesis statement and evidence from Journal Entry 3, select a method of organization from your textbook on pages 141–150. Choose one of the graphic organizers or formal outlines to organize your evidence so that it supports the position you take in your thesis statement in the most effective way possible. Reflect: Explain why you chose this particular method of organization over the other possibilities. Why do you believe it’s the most effective way to present your topic to your audience? (1 paragraph, 6 sentences)

Entry 5: Revising This journal entry requires you to review the rough draft of the essay that follows. As you analyze the draft according to each of the areas listed, identify what needs revision. For each area, explain why and how you would change the draft. (4 paragraphs, 5 sentences each) Analyze the essay’s • Purpose and audience—Can you clearly identify the audience and the purpose of the essay? • Thesis statement, topic sentences, and paragraphs—Is there a clear thesis statement? Are there paragraphs with topic sentences? • Evidence—Has the author provided enough evidence to support the main idea of the essay? • Organization—Are the author’s points organized well enough for a reader to follow easily? Rough Draft: Email vs. Letters Instead of using emails, mail a letter to your grandparents, an aunt or uncle, or another role model who’s older than you are. We live in a fast-paced world. We use computers to send emails and instant messages. Some, though, don’t live in that time zone. Forget all the fonts, emoticons, and abbreviations like LOL. You point and click, but some people want to hold something, unwrap a letter, and smell it.

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