Posted: April 11th, 2015

Compared to: What will the above intervention be compared to? Better or worse than no intervention at all?

Must have introduction and conclusion
1. Paragraph 1: Define your Bare Bones Research Proposal Question (See attached paper) using PICO elements:
-Population: What is the population I am interested in.
-Intervention: The event that you want to study the effect of.
-Compared to: What will the above intervention be compared to? Better or worse than no intervention at all?
-Outcomes: How do will I know if the intervention makes things better or worse-Identify an outcome that is measurable. What is the effect of the intervention?

Population: Adults with warts.
Intervention: Duct Tape.
Comparison: Physical methods of treatment such as cryotherapy or no treatment at all.
Outcomes: Wart resolution?

The above #1 must be submitted in paragraph form.

2. Using the above information, formulate an evidenced-based practice question for your research. Must be in paragraph form.

Example: What are the most effective interventions to treat adult warts?

3. List 5 topics, terms, or key words that you can use to search your question above? Must be in paragraph form.

Example: of 5 things: motivation, mental health, exercise, physical activity, etc. Must be in a paragraph.

4. Identify 3 different sources of evidence related to your topic. Must be current within last 5 years.
Report your findings in paragraph form.

May use electronic textbooks, ProQuest, AHRQ Evidence Reports, CINAHL, PubMed Clinical Queries, Google Scholar.

Example: Using CINAHL, a level I critical review conducted by Ellis (2007) was reviewed. The review examined the evidence of effectiveness of exercise as therapy for mental health. A total of ten studies were reviewed, four quantitative, two qualitative, and four mixed method designs. The results of the review were a positive shift for improved mental health of patients that exercised. No specific intervention was found to be superior, and the author suggests further research to determine interventions most effective. Additionally the author suggested that the patient may have barriers to exercise.

5. Brief Conclusion of articles you chose to summarize the evidence.

Example: The findings indicate there are no specific guidelines to assist providers in motivating mental health patients to start exercise. A few guidelines include exercise as an intervention for depression. Many published documents support exercise to improve mental health. Several studies suggested strategies to motivate patients to exercise. In conclusion, more research is needed to provide evidenced-based practice guidelines for motivating mental health patients to exercise.

References should be last page…………….

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