Posted: January 10th, 2017

In this assignment, you will evaluate an aspect of digital media and society.

The use of digital media has transformed how organizations and people communicate. Digital media such as: web videos, e-books, and social media have each shaped communication in our society. In this assignment, you will evaluate an aspect of digital media and society. You will prepare a classical style argument on this topic. This will require you to research, evaluate and effectively persuade your reader one way or another. You must use sources of digital media within your paper to support your argument. These can be graphs, images, videos, etc. In addition to information learned in this course; you will conduct additional outside research. The UMUC Writing Center has step by step instructions for writing an argument paper at Content requirements are based on organization for classical argument as stated within the UMUC writing center. Highly recommend reading this guide for clarification on argument paper. Formatting Requirements Project must follow APA Double-spaced 1 inch margins 12 point professional font Headers including project name, class, and page numbers File name first initial, last name and project (ex. BWright_argument) Use of tables, graphs, images, etc. of appropriate size that are relevant to the information being conveyed. Content Requirements Minimum of 1500 words, maximum 1750 words (excluding cover and bibliographical pages) Title Page including your name, instructor name, course name and number, and paper title Argument Requirements Introduction State your Case Proposition Refutation Substantiation and Proof Conclusion Bibliographical Page with minimum of 2 professional / scholarly sources. Wikipedia is not acceptable.

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