Posted: November 27th, 2015

Assignment 2 – Week – 5

Assignment 2 – Week – 5


Assignment 2 – Distinguishing Facts and Inferences in a Photograph Essay CH. 7, Pages 123 – 124 = 100 Pts. – Due – November 2, 2015

Using Facts and Inferences to Describe a Photograph

  1. This is a mental exercise that uses writing. Choose a photograph that is not in this book nor already described by the author. For your notes, make yourself a page with columns like the example listed below:



  1. Survey the photograph in a systematic way, beginning with what is central, then moving to relationships of the parts and the background.


  1. Write out your list using the columns in step 1 to match each statement of fact with an inference. (Actually, in your thinking, the inference will probably come to mind first. If so, write it down, then restudy the photo to discover and describe the evidence upon which this inference was based.)


  1. Write a conclusion that draws your list of facts and inferences together into an explanation of the photograph. Your concluding summary should not introduce new information or provide a story that your evidence cannot support.


  1. Now write your description in the form illustrated for you in the preceding exercise on pages 118–123 of your text. Remember to end with a summary.


  1. The length should be at least a minimum of one – three typed pages.


Please provide a copy of the photograph you analyzed for this assignment.


Your paper must have a cover page, including the title of the paper, date, your name, course number, a table of contents, include appropriate headings and subheadings throughout the papers body, and a summary of your specific conclusions and recommendations as well as page numbers. In addition, please cite your sources.

Rubric for Using Facts and Inferences to Describe a Photograph Essay = 100 Pts.

  1. Obvious details not ignored. 10 points


  1. Statements of fact described rather than just named or interpreted. 20 points


  1. Systematic organization of data: systematic sectioning of photo—small groupings of related facts, shown with inferences clearly drawn from each grouping. 20 points


  1. Some imaginative use of inferences beyond the obvious. 10 points


  1. Conclusion brings given facts and inferences together in a logical interpretation (not introducing new facts or a fantasy). 20 points


  1. No distracting errors of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure. 10 points


  1. Minimum length of two typed pages. 10 points

100 Points


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