Posted: November 2nd, 2015



This activity is designed to assist you in developing research skills, to explore an area of diversity of

interest upon which you wrote your proposal in Module 2 and to prepare for the Project 1 essay.

We have touched on many types of diversity in this course. Project 1 asks you to select one area of diversity

you would like to learn more about and research this area of diversity to answer the following questions:
1.What are the most important communication barriers that affect your chosen area of diversity?
2.How is this group affected by discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, or ethnocentrism?
3.What communication strategies can help to improve communication for this group and reduce discrimination,

prejudice, stereotypes, or ethnocentrism?

This project has three parts. You have already completed the first part, the proposal explaining your chosen

topic. This is the second part, where you are asked to research an annotated bibliography of sources related

to your topic. The third part of the project will ask you to write the final essay based upon the research

you find.

For this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of at least five college–level sources related

to your Project 1 topic. Your sources should come from reputable sources, such as academic journals, books,

professionally published magazines and newspapers, or reputable websites. You may not use Wikipedia, blogs,

or personal web pages.

For your annotated bibliography, you will need to list each of your sources in APA style. Beneath each

source, you will write one fully developed paragraph that explains the most important information from that

source and tells the reader how this information relates to your topic and to communication in relation to

the area of diversity you have selected to research.


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