Posted: September 15th, 2015


Assessment task 1: Critique of a program using a program development model
Objective(s): a, b, c, d and e
Weight: 40%
Task: This first assignment is intended to practice your skills in a) understanding the assumptions and orientations of a theoretical program development model, and b) to use that understanding to critique a small program of your own choosing.
1. Select an actual program within your organisation, TAFE/RTO, school, etc. you are familiar with or interested in or one you currently see in public media or are curious about (e.g. Quit Smoking) (as long as it is targeted to adult learners). Remember to define a ‘program’ broadly as introduced in seminar Topic 1.
2. Select a program development model from the readings and subject discussions that you consider best ‘fits’ your selected program. You should know enough about the program development model to articulately discuss a particular theorist’s view of the planning (educational aims/objectives, learner needs), design, delivery and evaluation stages of a program targeting adult learners. You will need to research some additional readings on that theorist’s program development model beyond the assigned readings.
3. Write an essay that critically analyses the ways in which your program reflects the planning model. Using the literature on program planning models, you should consider the following questions in your analysis:
What assumptions are made about the program’s adult learners, its educational objectives or outcomes, and the context for learning?
How does the program align with the stages of the planning models? What are the assumptions about the nature of the needs analysis, sequencing, delivery, processes and resources?
Does your program outline the evaluation processes? If not, what evaluation approaches and strategies would you recommend that fit with the program planning model and why?
Are there contextual (e.g. workplace, organisational, socio-demographic) factors that have influenced the overall approach to how the program has been developed?
Critically discuss the implications of your analysis of the program, for the program development model as theorised (e.g. is it out-of-date? missing some key components? only valid in certain learning contexts, not a good model for programs delivered online?).
4. Ensure your critique clearly demonstrates your original perspective of the program and program development model and makes explicit your assumptions, claims and arguments. It is particularly important in a critique that your own perspective is persuasively laid out in written text and justified, rather than merely describing the selected program and program development model or citing other researchers and scholars. Be careful not to choose too large or complex a program to critique for this first assignment.
Length: 2,000 words, essay format
Due: Due: submit to Turitin by 5pm Monday 21st September
Criteria: 1.
2. Accurately interprets a theoretical program development model and justifies its alignment to the
Succinctly describes the scope and features of an adult learning program;
adult learning program;
3.    Demonstrates critical analysis skills in the discussion of the implications for the program
development model through an in-depth engagement with relevant literature.
4.    Writing is concise and well constructed, using appropriate language, literacy and referencing

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