Posted: April 2nd, 2015

Assertive Community Treatment as an integrated treatment model for mentally ill, substance abusers

Assertive Community Treatment as an integrated treatment model for mentally ill, substance abusers

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It is not known whether or not Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) services increases quality of life, reduction in psychiatric visits, and substance abuse relapse in persons living with HIV who are co-diagnosed with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness and substance abuse.

The purpose of this mixed-methods study is to critically analyze the effectiveness of ACT as an integrated treatment model for persons living with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and chronic substance use/abuse disorders.

H1: Participation in ACT services improves the quality of life of persons that are living with HIV, and dually diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness, and substance abuse.

H2: Fidelity to the ACT model positively correlates with improved client outcomes, as measured by reduction in psychiatric hospital visitations, relapse, and improved quality of life.

Research Goal(s):
To determine the effectiveness of ACT as a case management treatment intervention for HIV positive, SPMI, substance abusers.
To reduce the incidence of relapse, re-infection, or institutionalization of persons dually diagnosed
To advance the health of persons living with HIV by improving mental health, decreasing substance abuse, and improving access to medical care

Needed are: a review of the current literature on the effectiveness of ACT. Any SPECIFIC research studies that has been done on ACT treatment specifically for HIV positive substance abusers that are mentally ill. What this study seeks to learn about Act and its appropriateness for high profit clients.

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