Posted: August 7th, 2015

Asian Studies

No reference required!
Pick two topics down below.
The main course objective was to examine how political, intellectual, religious, economic, and social
institutions which originated and/or were developed in China were then received in Japan and adapted to
local (Japanese) conditions. For TWO of the following, you will examine how certain key institutions
differed in China and Japan and you must explain the historical/intellectual/political/economic, etc.
factors which helped establish that institution.
1. Bureaucracy (rule by Confucian scholars) → Rule by noble and then warrior (samurai) clans
2. Emperor system and Mandate of Heaven → Unbroken but weak imperial line
3. China’s “Age of Disorder” Buddhism → Zen Buddhism
4. Chinese worldview (ex. correlative cosmology, the Confucian Way, food, medicine,
civilized/barbarian, etc.) → Tokugawa era (1600-1868) challenges to Sinocentric worldview
Additional slides will be provided under attachment.

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