Posted: May 2nd, 2015

Art History. (module- Beyond Boundaries.)

Art History. (module- Beyond Boundaries.)

3000 word research file

1000-word introduction which articulates an argument about how your chosen object moves beyond boundaries, and plots the connections between the elements of your Research File. Try to think about the elements of your file as a map of source material through which you might develop a narrative about how your topic illustrates the theme of moving “beyond boundaries”.

2000-word annotated bibliography of sources (see below): the bibliography should include 8–12 sources, with no more than 2 from the Beyond Boundaries reading list.
Sources should include a collection of secondary, scholarly texts (books and/or articles) as well as primary “texts”/works (artworks, videos, films, photographs, performances, music, etc.). You may also include interviews, newspaper articles, websites, leaflets and pamphlets. Your sources should show a well-balanced collection of primary and secondary research materials so as to properly contextualize your object(s) within the pre-existing discourses available about them.  Annotations should provide a brief description of each source and an explanation of how it fits into your research file.

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