Posted: May 16th, 2015



Visit one of the Art Museums in the area – Seattle Art Museum, Asian Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, Henry Gallery (UW), Frye Museum, Wing Luke Museum, NW African Art Museum, Pacific Science Center (King Tut Exhibit]

Find and select two works of art (from any art period, style, or medium) –
one that you really like and one that you don’t like at all

– Identify both of the artworks (artist [if known], title, date, culture or period)
– Write a brief description of each (1-2 paragraphs each)
– Explain why you liked one work and why you do not like the other – be specific. (1-2 paragraphs each)
– Make a drawing of each of the pieces (NOT a photograph)
– Attach a ticket stub or program from the museum (proof you went and did not simply reference the museum’s website)

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