Posted: November 1st, 2015

Argument of Evaluation.

Writing Assignment #3: Argument of Evaluation


  1. You must write a brief argument of evaluation on the topic within the field of education. You may choose to evaluate any aspect of the American education system. The finished final draft must be a minimum of four full pages in length. This means that your essay should end on page five or later (the Works Cited page does not count).


  1. At a minimum, your argument must demonstrate the following characteristics:


  1. Be an argument and contain a thesis that clearly evaluates a subject within American education


  1. Establish specific evaluation criteria by which the subject is judged and ensure that the criteria support the thesis


  1. Provide sufficient evidence to prove that the subject does or does not meet the evaluation criteria and ensure all evidence is linked to one or more of the evaluation criteria


  1. Other requirements:


  1. Your essay must contain a minimum of three secondary sources used to prove/disprove that an evaluation criterion is met


  1. It must be properly formatted and documented in MLA form, including correct internal citations and a Works Cited page


  1. The first draft must be printed and brought to class on Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015.


  1. Your essay must be written using standard English grammar and mechanics


  1. This is a formal argument and may not be written from first person perspective


  1. If you have specific questions about the assignment, you may pose them in class or send me an email, or you may come by the office. I will be glad to provide feedback on ideas, theses, or anything else to try to help you in the writing process.

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