Posted: March 18th, 2016

Argument Essay ( Instaqram)

General background information about the topic
 Why this topic is important to study (what can we understand by studying this topic)
 Thesis Statement
 The problem/concern/trend/issue related to social media
 What should be done about the topic/Create a solution OR take a position

 Body

 Arguments
 Support the argument you take with your thesis statement
 Reason why you believe the thesis statement to be true
 Examples that exemplify, further explain, and support your arguments
 Must cite all 5 academic journals in support of thesis at least once  Counterarguments/Drawbacks
 Offer rebuttals/drawbacks to your argument and refute them; must cite both academic journals against the thesis at least once

 Conclusion

 Sum up and re-emphasize main points of essay
 Restate thesis statement  Works Cited Page
Organization of Paper: 1. Introduction [2 paragraphs] 2. Body (ordered any way you want) a. Argument 1 [2-4 paragraphs] b. Argument 2 [2-4 paragraphs] c. Argument 3 [2-4 paragraphs] d. Argument 4 [2-4 paragraphs] e. Argument 5 [2-4 paragraphs] f. Counterargument/Drawback 1 [1-2 paragraphs] g. Counterargument/Drawback 2 [1-2 paragraphs] h. Counterargument/Drawback 3 [1-2 paragraphs] i. Counterargument/Drawback 4 [1-2

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