Posted: June 1st, 2015

Arab Region

Arab Region

the paper is about doing a project in the Arab Region. the Project is that each student must come up with a commodity that can be fully produced or manufactured in the Arab Countries.

s Producing Wheat in Great Amounts. Firstly the writer should focus on how to start such a project I would prefer if the writer chooses Sudan. Firstly I want the Writer to tell how much land would be needed to reach great mass producing for the Arab World with Calculations and Statistics. What is the demand for wheat in the Arab Region, what is the consumption of it? where does most of the Arab Countries get their Wheat from? is it cheaper to produce and sell to Arab countries operating from Sudan? would there be any complications to buy lands in Sudan and Produce Wheat? would it be more efficient and effective to produce in Sudan and Sell in the Arab Region? how much should be produced?
After that I would like mathematical models applications, tables, Graphs to show me if the project is feasible or not? I also want forecasting models to be applied for the future 5 years with realistic numbers, also supply chain management model should be applied, also I want project life-cycle, project structure, inventory management model.


ACL = alphabetical class list number; G = girls; M = men; x = section; xx = pages

1. project. prep  file on s-drive to know whether or not your project will harm our environment or not. If harmful, please change your topic or your project will not be accepted. All project topics must have prior approval from professor ~ Assignment.10.
2.    Problem statement ( a needed project for the Arab-World/NE ~ near-east regions: resources supplied from different Arab zones/sub-regions, produced and consumed within the same regional society, surplus exported via Arab companies in different Arab zones/sub-regions)
3.    Hypothesis: assumed solution(s).
4.    Background information ~ literature review
5.    Data (real-world data, or educated guess)
6.    Mathematical model (3TE, SLR, or ESM; and PLC ~ project life-cycle, PS ~ project structure, IMM ~ inventory management model, SCMM ~ supply chain management model) … all applicable models must be applied.
7.    Results (of the math model~s)
8.    Conclusion/recommendations that would benefit Arab regional society and will not harm the environment ~ “pollution anywhere is pollution everywhere” (Aly Mansour).

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