Posted: June 7th, 2016

Approaches used by the church to address human trafficking

The Catholic Church is called to read the “signs of the times” and develop a response in light of the gospel teachings of Jesus and the tradition of justice and charity in Catholic social teaching. Depending on the issue, the Church may be involved in a variety of approaches (direct service, education, advocacy, empowerment, education). Investigate the various approaches the Church is using to address this social issue.
Address one of the following social issues: human trafficking, global poverty, violence and war, climate change (environment), immigration, refugees or world hunger.

Begin by identifying the issue as clearly as possible, and choose some of the principles of Catholic social teaching that would impact the Catholic response to this issue.

Discuss what is currently being done from the perspective of the Catholic Church (prayer, action, advocacy, education, and empowerment),

Discuss how individuals and local groups might participate in a faith-based response to this issue. Include in your discussion how prayer would be integrated in the action plan for a particular issue and how the issue might be addressed in liturgy.

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