Posted: June 15th, 2015

use “A Psychosocial Model Outline” (pp. 45-53), for the Application Assignment this week

Week 3 Assignment

Please note: You use “The Case of Dan: An Example of the Stages of Change The Beginning” (pp. 33-37), a case example of Dan, a 16-year-old referred for treatment by his high school assistant principal, as the basis of your Application Assignment this week.

o Chapter 4, “The Psychosocial Study: The Product of Assessment” (pp. 44-59)

Additionally, you also use “A Psychosocial Model Outline” (pp. 45-53), for the Application Assignment this week. This outline explains the components of each section of a psychosocial assessment and provides guidance on what to include in each section.


Book reference with case of Dan & Psychosocial model to use:
Cooper, M. & Lesser, J. G. (2015). Clinical social work practice: An integrated approach. (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc
o Chapter 3, “The Clinical Interview: The Process of Assessment” (pp. 33-43)
Chapter 4 is the model

Cooper and Lesser (2015) state, “From a human rights perspective, assessments of individuals and families should include an awareness of their basic human rights … Assessments should be expanded past the presenting problem into the realm of shelter, information, food, employment, legal, community, medical, cultural, and political realities in their lives” (p. 45).
You may be skilled at conducting assessments that lead to a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) diagnosis. Are you also acquainted with the practice of incorporating psychosocial issues into a client’s assessment? A psychosocial assessment differs from a DSM diagnosis in a number of ways, but especially with regard to the collection of considerably more personal history and detailed information about psychosocial issues. Treatment planning, especially for social workers, requires a lot of attention to psychosocial issues.
For this week’s Application Assignment, you apply your skills in assessment, as well as this week’s Learning Resources on psychosocial issues, to complete a psychosocial assessment of Dan, the subject of the case example, “The Case of Dan: An Example of the Stages of Change the Beginning,” located in the Cooper and Lesser (2015) course text as noted in this week’s Learning Resources.
The Assignment (3–4 pages):
• Using the case, “The Case of Dan: An Example of the Stages of Change the Beginning,” and “A Psychosocial Model Outline” located in the Cooper and Lesser (2015) course text as noted in the Learning Resources, construct a psychosocial assessment of Dan.
Please note: It is not necessary to include any psychosocial assessment components described in the model that are unfamiliar to you.

It is not like the assessments you usually write at work. It is a much more comprehensive document. Please remember to use the Psychosocial Model Outline (pp. 46–55) from the text for the assignment. Although the assignment instructions state that you need not complete sections that are unfamiliar to you, it is expected that each of the students in this class should be able to submit 8 of the sections.
Some of you may not be familiar with DSM so the sections surrounding the diagnosis may not be a good choice for you. There is a sample document that covers each section. This provides guidance for you complete the sections. Please do not submit an assessment form you use at your place of employment, or design your own assessment. You must use the sections that are in the sample document. The sections need to be fully developed.
Do not include the instructions for the assignment in your paper. Consider your audience when you write the paper, and in this case, the audience is me. I already know the instructions. Additionally, do not cut and paste the descriptions of the clients in the case. Describe the client and presenting problem, etc. in your words not the words in the scenario. Now that you are a little familiar with Turnitin you can understand that if you copy information word for word it will show up as a similarity.
You may add information to the case to help you provide information in each section. For example, rather than writing that the information is not available you may write in the medical history section that he has asthma or provide information about his religion or culture in those sections. There is no reason to submit a paper that has sections with ‘no information provided’.
This assignment is long and difficult for many students. Remember that you can make up some missing information when you write the assessment. Remember to follow APA, do not use first person or contractions and include references. It is odd to include references in an assessment but if you use the readings from this class thus far you can easily find something to say about some of the sections in the assessment. Be sure to fully respond to the sections do not just say one or two words.

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