Posted: May 1st, 2015



Project description

answer each question

1)In his book, Dont Sleep, There Are Snakes, Everett describes a way of life, worldview, language and culture that are dramatically different from our own. What are some of the most interesting things that you learned about the Pirah from Everett’s book? Why do you find them interesting? Do you think that Pirah language and culture allows us to see ourselves from a different perspective? How so?
Although you don’t have to respond to all of the above questions and you are very welcome to take the conversation in other directions that may interest you, for maximum 10 bonus points credit make sure to include some specific information from the book; that is, do not limit your post to noting, for example, that the Pirah ways are different :). The forum will be open to 11:59 PM on the last day of class.

2)As you know from reading about Jane Hill’s research on “Mock Spanish” (Ahearn, chapter 10), Hill argues that “Mock Spanish” usage (see chapter 10 for details) ends up racializing Spanish speakers, regardless of whether it has been the intention of the person using “Mock Spanish” or not. Rather, argues Hill, the usage is racist because it feeds into racializing ideologies and social institutions that support them. What do you think? The forum will be open 10/19-12/04

3) If you were to do research in linguistic anthropology, what topic would you like to do it on?

4)I was the only child and perhaps because of that I learned reading and writing very early. At first, I learned reading upside-down by watching my father read his newspaper in the evening and asking him about the headlines!

In Chapter 7, Ahearn presents to us the research of Shirley Brice Heath on the socialization to literacy of preschoolers in three communities. How did you learn to read and write? Was your experience similar to that of the children from Maintown? From Roadville? From Trackton? Do you think the way literacy events and practices took place at your home helped you or hindered you when you started school? Make sure to address all the components of the topic in your post 🙂

5)Watch “Speaking in Tongues” video (“content” => “films”). What are some of the arguments in favor of multilingualism in the United States? Why do some people feel that English should be the only language used and taught in schools? What do you think?

6)Researchers who study endangered languages (Ahearn, Chapter 11, and “The Linguists” video), report that it is notoriously difficult to prevent a language from disappearing even in cases where there is a real commitment to the language within the community of its speakers. Do you know an endangered language? What is lost when a language is lost? Do you have any thoughts about how its loss could be prevented?

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