Posted: March 12th, 2016

Andrew works for Swift Pte a delivery drive. He drives his own van but wears a uniform supplied by swift, who pay his monthly salary.

Andrew works for Swift Pte a delivery drive. He drives his own van but wears a uniform supplied by swift, who pay his monthly salary. On Monday afternoon , He is on his way to do his last delivery when he get a call from his daughter Britney and agrees to collect her from school.As they leave the school and drive in direction of the delivery destination, Andrew’s van skids and hits Clark’s car.

Denise, a passer-by, witnesses the crash and, seeing Clark in motionless state following the crash, reaches into Clark’s car and steal Clark’s smartphone.

It is later discovered that Andrew beat the traffic light against his favour (red light). and autopsy reveals that, unknown to Clark, he suffered from a heart condition and the impact of the crash caused this condition to exacerbate, causing Clark’s death.

Following the accident, Britney is suffering from pain in her right shoulder. She sent to the hospital and is told by her attending doctor, Dr Esther, that she is suffering from pulled muscle. a week later, Britney goes back to hospital as the pain has become worse and her spread to her harm. It is discovered that Britney has sustained severe and permanent damage to the tendons in her shoulder and to the bones in her arm. Had these injuries been discovered at Britney’s first visit, they could likely have been treated and Britney would have made a full recovery. Britney now needs to undergo physiotherapy to minimise inconveniences experienced in her daily routine, and will do so far a long time to come.

Thereafter, Alan’s wife Felicia visits him at hospital. She sees a restricted access signage to one of the numerous rooms ground level and curiosity gets a hold of her instantly. Felicia steps into the room and sees some secured bright yellow coloured bins. she opens up one, inhales an overpowering stench and fall unconscious immediately. subsequently, the rancid odour from the improperly disposed hazardous waste disseminated into the entire of that hospital building and beyond the medical compound into adjacent private residential estate (think Thomson Medical Centre locality) making a community of residents nauseous and giddy.

Advise the various parties on their liabilities as a result of their action.

* must be in Singapore contacts.

* Case Law.

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