Posted: May 19th, 2015

Analysis of a group you are currently involved with

Analysis of a group you are currently involved with


This analysis paper assignment is meant to give you a chance to look at your own sphere of influence and analyze a group you are or have been a member of.

What: this 4-6 page paper is an analysis of a group you are currently involved in or have been part of in the recent past (within the past year).  You should know the group well enough to complete an observational analysis (not one where you interview people in the group).

How:  Select the group you plan to analyze and think about the key elements of group work our text has discussed (things like roles, norms, leadership, group cohesiveness, decision making).  You can change the names of people but minimally, you will need to set the scene for me so I understand the group and its work, explain/describe the members, discuss the effectiveness of the group (norms, roles, leadership, group cohesiveness, decision making/problem solving).  Define one or two group strengths and one or two weaknesses. [Note:  you need to do an analysis.  Don’t just provide a description of what the group did or how it solved a problem in a running account.  I want you to take apart the group, look at the members, explain each of their roles in terms of the theories you have read in our text, tell me about the norms the group has – be explicit, and look at the decision making/conflict resolution/problem solving.  Analyze how the group works and tie it to our readings (which requires citing material–see Content Section on APA citations)

What do you turn in?  This is a 4-6 page paper  which includes a References page (for citations made to text and any other sources) that should be submitted to the drop box following the writing guidelines provided in the content section of the course web page (see above).

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