Posted: December 28th, 2015

Analysis and Optimization of an EDFA-WDM Optical Network

Research Question (overall research question, problem to be solved, hypothesis or theory to be proven. This section should then elaborate on the research question/problem/hypothesis and break it into specific objectives. (500 words)


Impact of research (Benefits to society, economy, commercialisation potential. Please use statistics from reputable sources to quantify the potential impact- eg from the World Health Organisation, Central Statistics Office, etc)(300 words)


The current state of the art (literature review 1000 words) (This should explain to the reader what is known about this topic. Key literature/products from the area must be referenced.)


Methodology (Each work package should correspond with each specific objective above. Any major assumptions should be mentioned. All techniques should be briefly explained and referenced where possible. Eg Scanning Electron Microscopy will allow for high resolution microscopy of the material, as was previously demonstrated by McCarthy et al (McCarthy, 2013). (1000 words)


Resources (Cost, availability of samples, numbers of samples, data, if specialist software is needed. A table may be used here. Time to completion of each work package should be mentioned)(max 300 words)


Ethical and safety implications (Are there any ethical or health and safety implications in carrying out this research?) (max 100 words)


(indicate yes or no for these questions)

Have you proofread this document?

Have you indicated the word count of each section?

Have you complied your references correctly?


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