Posted: June 12th, 2015

analysing company for strategic management

analysing company for strategic management

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Read the case the attached case study of (Costco)
1-Analysis the company environment: A) External Environment: use PEST, 5 Forces
B) Internal Analysis: Apply all relevant tools/models to the company (VRION, Value Chain analysis, competitive advantage, life cycle)
To do the following:
2–What are the most pressing strategic issues/problems/challenges for the company?
(Current business strategy)
3-write the strategic options/alternative that you would make and Elaborate on the suitability, feasibility and acceptability for each strategy.(you most identify whether those options related to corporate MULTI-LEVEL STRATEGIES or business level strategies single-business level and identify whether options rely on changes to current strategies or positions).
NOTE :USE ALL Tools and make them for decision making.
Portfolio analysis
BCG matrix ( Boston Consulting Group), McKinsey/GE, screen Lifecycle analysis
Important to Use template here and johnson & scholes criteria Suitability, acceptability, feasibility
Stakeholder analysis
You have to mention which tools or models you are using to generate in each strategy

4-choes the best/perfect strategy from the alternatives options you done in #4, using SMART Action Plan template . Ranking.

5-then evaluation: evaluate your choice the implementation:
A- Organisational culture:
Use the culture web of the organization.
B- (Leadership) Analyse the impact of Jim Sinegal on the culture and performance of the company

C- how we ensure control that strategies well implement using (balance scorecard )
D-What change to company organisational structure would you make (stracture strategy)

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