Posted: January 8th, 2016

Analyse the uses of intertextuality, symbolism and polysemy in advertising.

The essay will contribute 60% of the course grade. Write an essay of up to 3000 words (+10%, excluding reference list) responding to the following task:

Analyse the uses of intertextuality, symbolism and polysemy in advertising.

The essay must explain these concepts, and it must illustrate their use in a selection of examples of advertising.
The essay must be typed double-spaced in 12 point type, and Harvard style citations must be used to support the work theoretically with references to academic work. Sub-headings may be used within the essay. There are no other format requirements on format.
The examples of ads being discussed must be copied into the body of the text to assist the flow of analysis. Any form of advertising can be used- if discussing TV ads, use stills or screen grabs, and if necessary web links, for illustration. The precise narrative direction is entirely up to you.
The essay will receive marks for presentation (including elements such as grammar and spelling, logical structure, clarity and fluency of English, correct use of references) and analysis (logical coherence, rigor of argument, extent to which points are well-supported by evidence, reasoning and/or citations to published work).

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