Posted: June 7th, 2016

Analyse the application of financial theory in real life

Analyse similarities, differences between issues in the articles studied and theory learned in class and make a conclusion concerning the application of financial theory in real life for each article. You may need to do additional research to understand certain terms in the articles. Calculations are encouraged if the article contains data.
Layout and Content:
• Provide an online link or reference (if hard copy) with your analysis.
• A reference list should be included at the end of your assignment and any sources you refer to in 
your analysis must also be referenced in-text.
• Below each article provide a 450 words commentary which includes:
very brief summary of the article’s content (no more than 50-100 words)
  An identification of a clear link between the issues discussed in the article and theory
covered in class
oAn analysis of the financial issue and a comparison with the theory studied in class.
Consider how financial theory applies/ doesn’t apply/ partially applies to the article and comment on the similarities and discrepancies.
oYou can include calculations as part of your analysis.

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