Posted: April 24th, 2016

Which amounts would you pull from the spreadsheet to cover only the project costs?

Chains-2-Gains hires people just released from prison and put them into temp-to-perm jobs with their client employers. This helps ex-offenders to gain experience and skills and overcomes significant barriers to employment. The case manager conducts the initial interview and assessments.

Job Readiness Training & Job Placement Services

Each employee attends readiness classes and network opportunities. Eligible workers who complete a required job readiness program are initially placed in a trial (transitional) job for 90 days. Upon completion of the probationary period, many employers hire the ex-offenders. Once long-term employment is secured, a case manager will continue to follow-up through visits to the job site or brief conference calls with clients and employers, but the intervals between follow-ups will lengthen.

In order to serve 35 clients, the program director needs to apply for funding for a grant. Grants require a project and operating budget. In order to get the program started, the program director must work as the case manager until other staff can be hired. However, the program manager has decided to add a part-time case manager until the program grows. The program manager has decided to ask a potential funder for $45,000 to cover direct costs.


1. Which amounts would you pull from the spreadsheet to cover only the project costs? Explain why and show breakdown on a spreadsheet.
2. Display total project costs including Executive Director’s salary and part-time case manager.
3. Compute total operating costs.
4. Justify the need for $45,000.
5. Explain how these costs have been calculated and justify why each are needed to run the project.

(See attached spreadsheet for initial budget)

This question has the following supporting file(s):

Line_Item_Budget (2).xls

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