Posted: April 10th, 2016

What is the amount of the firm’s sales?

Foreign Travel Services has net income of $48,400, total assets of $219,000, total equity of $154,800, and total sales of $311,700. What is the common-size percentage for the net income?
A. 9.00 percent
B. 13.90 percent
C. 15.53 percent
D. 22.10 percent
E. 31.27 percent

Delmont Movers has a profit margin of 6.2 percent and net income of $48,900. What is the common-size percentage for the cost of goods sold if that expense amounted to $379,000 for the year?
A. 12.90 percent
B. 23.50 percent
C. 33.25 percent
D. 41.06 percent
E. 48.05 percent

Peter’s Motor Works has total assets of $689,400, long-term debt of $299,500, total equity of $275,000, net fixed assets of $497,800, and sales of $721,500. The profit margin is 4.6 percent. What is the current ratio?
A. 0.60
B. 0.91
C. 1.01
D. 1.67
E. 2.16

Eastern Hardwood Sales has total equity of $89,000, a profit margin of 4.8 percent, an equity multiplier of 1.5, and a total asset turnover of 1.3. What is the amount of the firm’s sales?
A. $168,200
B. $173,550
C. $181,430
D. $185,620
E. $187,500

A firm has adopted a policy whereby it will not seek any additional external financing. Given this, what is the maximum growth rate for the firm if it has net income of $12,100, total equity of $94,000, total assets of $156,000, and a 40 percent dividend payout ratio?
A. 4.88 percent
B. 5.11 percent
C. 6.62 percent
D. 7.67 percent
E. 8.37 percent

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